This is the website of M7ERU / 26RU01 Operator Andrew..

I am based in East Yorkshire England near the coast between the North Sea and the River Humber.

I began my interest in radio in 1979 and have had over now had 40+ years of experience RX on most Bands and TX on some 11m band frequencies with contacts made and comfirmed with QSL cards in over 100 countries in every continent around the world.

In 2020 I finaly decided to take my Ham licence exam which now gives me much more TX options across many more bands.

I am happy to send and receive QSL cards, QSLing is a big part of my hobby.

QSL Address:
PO Box 597 - Hull - HU9 9NR - England.

169 Radio Uniform / eu114
Guernsey Island Activation
18th - 22nd August 2016

Delta Alfa Portable Contest
Active over 2 weekends in July 2016

St. Georges Day.
23rd April 2016

Flamborough Lighthouse
26 Radio Uniform / eng042
Active on 27th December 2015.

26 Radio Uniform / eu05
Walney Island, Cumbria England activation 20th - 22nd November 2015.

169 Radio Uniform / eu114
Guernsey Island Activation
27th - 30th August 2015

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